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8 Must-Do Attractions in the Houston Inner Loop

Posted on: Friday, August 30, 2013

“It’s Not Cool Unless it’s in the Loop”

There are nearly 4 million people that call Houston their home with upwards of 580,000 residing in the Inner Loops of Houston alone. The Inner Loop, the sector of Houston inside Interstate 610, has grown and evolved over the past several decades as the buzzing cultural center of modern-day Houston, seen now as the hip must-live place for most young professionals and new families. The Inner Loop district of Houston isn’t just bragging for kicks, the Inner Loop offers an abundance of exciting attractions that range from electric shopping centers to top-notch sporting events! The staff at Millennium High Street, Houston’s leading luxury apartments in the Inner Loop, is here to help you from lease to life by offering up our eight must-do attractions in the Houston Inner Loop:

The Houston Texans

Reliant Stadium, home of Houston’s football team, The Texans, rests at the heart of the Inner Loop and it’s hard to miss with its bright lights and roaring fans. The Houston Texans have had a long time coming but have recently excelled into stardom with a complete make-over of both image and players. During the games the Texans team puts on contests, events, giveaways, and fun activities that leave you with a great experience regardless of whether or not the Texans were victorious. A day at Reliant Stadium is a slice of America that is worth the splurge and will be a fun time for all!

World-Famous Museums

Houston has come of the best and most successful museums on the continent, let alone in the country. Recently renovated, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the best science museums in the country and is famous for its top-notch events and endless exhibits. Staffed with some of the best science professionals in the country, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has one of the most impressive gem and dinosaur exhibits in the country and is home to one of the largest butterfly houses in the world. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts is also a grand facility that rotates world-famous exhibits year round. Home to a magical Tunnel of Light and the renowned Glassell School of Art, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts offers up a culturally enriching experience that would be sore to miss.

Hermann Park

Parks are scattered all over Houston but Hermann Park sits at the center of Houston and serves as a grand model for the rest of the parks in Texas. With a reflecting pool, train, and acres of playground and recreation fields, Hermann Parks is the place to play and have a great time outdoors while being in the city. Hermann Park also has an extensive trail system that you can walk through as well as an outdoor theatre that is the host to numerous music and theatre troops. Conveniently located right across from the Museum of Natural Science, you can go to the museum and have a picnic in Hermann Park.

The Houston Zoo

There is nothing better than spending a day out at the old fashion zoo, only the Houston Zoo is by no means old fashion or ordinary. The Houston Zoo receives over 1.6 million visitors a year and it’s no wonder with its 55-acres of park and over 6,000 animals as part of 900 species who call the Houston Zoo their home. Whether you have small children or are an adult with a passion for animals, the Houston Zoo has something for everyone!

Montrose Shopping/Dining

Shopping in the Inner Loop is just as diverse as the people who live there. Having calmed down some from its hay-day in the 80’s, Montrose keeps its counter-culture roots by offering a wide variety of unique shops ranging from the most commercial to the most excitingly raunchy. Montrose is now known for its top-notch vintage shops like Blue Bird Clothing and Leopard Lounge and its resale shops like Buffalo Exchange. Montrose also offers a great selection of restaurants as unique as the shops around them so take a stroll down Montrose and enjoy Houston’s boho culture.

Houston Hobby Center

Houston is one of the leading cities in the US when it comes to an appreciation of the arts, especially the dramatic arts. The Houston Hobby Center is one of the country’s leading theater and musical venue in the South and is constantly rotating shows and events in and out with shows ranging from new age hits like The Book of Mormon to classics like The Wizard of Oz. The Houston Hobby Center is perfect for a night out on the town, whether you want to enjoy the theater yourself or take your sweetheart out for dinner and a show!

River Oaks Shopping

Where Montrose is the counter-culture mega of Houston, River Oaks is the high class center of Houston. River Oaks is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston and where the wealthy and high-profile have come to settle over the years, making River Oaks a neighborhood dripping with old money with a twist of modern commerce. You’ll find no vintage shops in the River Oaks Shopping Center, but you will find the highest designer stores like Talbot’s and Sur La Table. Coupled with these fine shops rests some of Houston’s grandest restaurants like Americano’s and a retro movie theatre, the River Oaks Shopping Center is  the best place for some serious window shopping and a high-class experience.

University of Houston

The University of Houston was established in 1927 and has been dedicated to Houston’s, and the Inner Loop’s, better education. U of H is not just for students, mind you; the university offers continued education classes, free seminars and lectures, as well as theatre performances that would rival that of the Hobby Center. The University of Houston also has a great football and basketball team that the public is welcome to watch play for a low fee. U of H is always open to the public and encourages you to come and enjoy their campus!

Houston is growing and changing and yet one thing remains the same; the Inner Loop is the place to be and be seen. The staff at Millennium High Street is dedicated to making sure that our residents our having the time of their lives, both in our community and outside of it. The Inner Loop is an exciting and fun filled place to live in Houston and we hope that these eight attractions will be just the beginning to your Houston adventure!

Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world. With one of the highest densities of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science, and transitional research the Medical Center is growing rapidly daily. Located in Greater Houston and exceeding over one thousand acres in size, the Medical Center contains over 50 medicine-related institutions. A whopping total of fifteen hospitals, three medical schools, four nursing schools, two specialty institutions, and many other health-related practices making the Medical Center larger than downtown Dallas!